Lia Sophia: High Fashion Jewelry Or Hoax?

Lia Sophia is a family based company based in Bensenville, Illinois that specializes in direct sales of fashion jewelry. The unique selling point of the company is that the jewelry is of a very high quality coupled with affordable pricing to bring it within the reach of a much larger target market.

What woman doesn’t like high quality fashion jewelry? It’s a rhetorical question and in most cases it’s the cost that prevents the purchase of more. Lia Sophia (formerly known as Act II Lady Remington) has addressed this issue through the sale of their jewelry at ‘shows’ sponsored by hostesses. The hostesses are rewarded with jewelry credits and price reductions on other specific jewelry.

It’s a terrific way for a person with limited means or a compromised cash flow to still purchase high end fashion jewelry at a fraction of the cost of retail from a traditional jewelry outlet. The only serious drawback to overcome is finding enough ‘friends’ to successfully host a show to qualify for the credits and price reductions that are so attractive.

The surest way to make certain that you never run out of friends or prospects is to go online. There are literally millions of women all around the world that would love to be able to obtain high quality fashion jewelry at reasonable prices and all you have to do is to be able to connect with them. This is a company that has huge online drawing power and is ranked in the top percentile on That means that they were ranked higher than 660 companies out of a total of 665.

That means that with only 3300 reps in the entire United States there is a huge part of the population that has never even heard of Lia Sophia and has no access to affordable high quality fashion jewelry. Can you imagine just being able to connect with a fraction of those women online and being able to solve their problem?

That’s what my wife and I do and the link below shows how we do it. It is amazingly simple and allows us to reach unlimited amounts of people worldwide. Make sure you have access to the success (and jewelry) that you deserve.